About Rodney's Bookstore

We are located at:

698 Massachusetts Avenue
Central Square
Cambridge, MA 02139
Phone: 617-876-6467

We are a full service, all subject, 45,000 title bookstore, featuring primarily used and discounted new titles.


In addition to a wide variety of books, Rodney's offers inexpensive, well made pine shelving units.
 From 14 inch cubes (perfect for vinyl) to 7 foot high shelving units.
Or take a look at our vintage poster reprints. We have a growing catalog of nearly 6000 images
and if that isn't enough you can print your own custom posters for a small surcharge.
We also sell book-ends, tables, greeting cards, VHS tapes, masks, paintings, knick-knacks, 
plus anything and everything else you never knew you needed!